Executive Financial Services

Every business has different needs at various stages in the growth cycle. Whether you are launching a new venture or growing a stable business all the way to planning an exit, having the right financial and strategic input and advice is key to success. My diverse background, from running a small business to leading the financial group for a fortune 500 company’s largest division, can provide the expertise you need.

Strategic Expertise

“However beautiful the strategy, one should occasionally consider the results.”

— Winston Churchill —

Core Services

Whether you are looking for a short-term resource or help on an individual project basis, I have the ability to provide the expertise and flexibility your organization requires.

1. Part-time (fractional) CFO

Access to a higher level resource for a fraction of the cost.

2. Interim CFO

Provides the time and resources needed to find a new CFO.

3. Special Projects CFO

Address special project needs with limited scope engagements.

4. Board Services

Gain valuable perspectives for business growth.

Strategic Expertise

Six components for successful business growth and operational excellence.

1. Strategic Planning

Planning for the future of your business is critical for long-term success and growth. The process needs to be multifaceted and open to all stakeholders. Mile markers that can be evaluated and revised are essential. We help businesses develop a comprehensive strategic plan, which involves activities ranging from the development a 100-day business plan focused on actionable results to determining the right intervals for financial planning to conducting a gap analysis against the business plan to chart new paths for growth.

  • Business Plan Creation
  • Financial Planning & Budgeting
  • Gap Analysis

2. Account Reviews & Enhancements

  • Accounting System Health Check
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Accounting Close Schedule & Timing
  • Internal Controls
  • Audit Preparation

Your financial statements should not raise more questions than they answer. Better reporting provides transparency and clarity. An upgrade of Policies and Procedures in the accounting department can streamline operations and open up opportunities for improvements and automation. Reviews include looking at internal controls to protect the business and comply with audit requirements. With a lens on performance, we evaluate the daily processes related to the Accounting Close, Year-end Preparation procedures and overall Accounting System Health Check.

3. Reporting & Business Intelligence

Organizing and presenting key business data can be a game changer for daily monitoring and it provides actionable information and visualizations for decision making. Defining the data to present and gathering the data from multiple sources can involve IT, Finance and Sales as well as executive input. A holistic approach to reporting includes comprehensive reporting packages, a review of traditional financial statements, evaluation of customer profitability and tools to gather real-time business intelligence.

  • Traditional Financial Statements
  • Comprehensive Reporting Package
  • Real Time Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Customer Profitability

4. Operations Support

  • Job Costing, Labor & Burden Application
  • Facility Acquisition
  • Labor Utilization

From understanding gross profit and profitability to sourcing a new facility to grappling with labor costs, a plan for Operations Support is crucial for any business. Systems capabilities, operational requirements and labor force metrics are pieces of the puzzle that comprise Operations Support. Each piece requires a plan from Job Costing and Labor Acquisition to Facility Acquisitions to Labor Utilization.

5. Transaction Support

Complex acquisitions, exit strategy development and execution and the sourcing of debt and capital all require proper planning and the guidance of an expert. From managing process flow to charting an exit path to addressing specific capital needs, a trusted, experience advisor can be invaluable for any of these types of transactions.

  • Acquisitions
  • Exit Strategy
  • Debt/Capital Sourcing

6. Treasury & Banking

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Banking Review

Understanding historical and projected future cash flow and the decisions that can impact cash availability is a huge benefit for any business. Not only can conducting a cash flow and working capital analysis provide the proper perspective but the evaluation of a business’ banking relationship and the terms of the relationship can also ensure that the business is successfully leveraging its working capital.

Career Background

Inmark (Global Packaging Supplier)

CFO: PE Backed Global Manufacturer and Distribution, Mergers and Acquisitions, Debt Treasury, and IT Management

CrystalStream Technologies (Environmental)

CFO/Owner: Finance, Startup Sales and Supply Chain, Business Valuation

ANIXTER (Global Networking Infrastructure)

Controller: Accounting, Reporting, Analysis VP Finance: Executive support for $1BN division

APRIO (Habif, Arogeti & Wynne)

CPA: Audit, Tax and General Ledger Accounting

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